About Us

FitFyles attempts to invert the healthcare model and bring healthcare back to the control of individuals who would like to live better. For centuries, healthcare has been dominated by big houses. FitFyles attempts to bring the power of being in control back to you. You are in control of your health records, your prescriptions, your tests and your well being. You would decide which doctors are best for you and which medical institutions deserve to be highlighted for their services. All this begins with click of a picture with your smart-phone.

Sounds delightful?

Searchable History

Maintain and search all your prescriptions, medicines, tests for your entire life.

Life Angel

Share medical data with hospitals, doctors, emergency rooms and save lives. Be a life angel for someone.

Centre of Attention

Be the cynosure for doctors, hospitals, test labs, pharma companies who would love to have you as their customer.

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